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Stainless Steel Globe Valves

Type of Globe Valve:

Globe Valve

Globe Valve

Threaded S.S
Globe Valve

DIN Stainless Steel Globe Valve
DIN Stainless Steel Globe Valve, maintains %100 tight sealing through the graphite gasket on the stainless steel disc moving perpendicular to the flow axis and seating on the machined metal seat inside the body. Its is used for steam, Superheated Water, Hot Water, Cold Water, Fluids without acidity or alkalinity properties.

ANSI Stainless Steel Globe Valve
ANSI Stainless Steel Globe Valves are suitable for closing, throttling and regulating flow. As their working principle, they reproduce high flow resistance. It is an appropriate type of valve to turn on and off frequently.

Threaded Stainless Steel Globe Valve
Stainless Steel threaded Globe Valve with metal seat. Tested in accordance with API 598. Max temperature of 180°C. PTFE gasket and packing with stainless steel seats and disc for greater durability and wear. Great for steam and high temperature applications .