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DIN Cast Iron Lug Butterfly Valve

DIN Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve

Specification Details

  • Design Std:EN 1074, EN593
  • Size:DN25--DN300
  • Micro-finishing of disc and steam
  • Pressure Rating: PN10,PN16
  • Face to Face: EN 558-1 Series 20 -(former DIN 3202-K1)
  • Pressure Testing:DIN EN593/DIN EN12266-1
  • Top Mounting Flange: ISO 5211
  • Working temperature: EPDM from -40°C to +135°C ; NBR from -23°C to +82°C; VITON from -26°C to +230°C; PTFE from -25°C to +150°C

Valve Description
Ductile iron Lugged Butterfly Valve with concentric disc, seal on body design. Designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 593 . Bi-directional bubble tight seal, vulcanised seat, suitable for vacuum applications. High strength one-piece shaft, suitable for high repetition actuation